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This is an Old neighbourhood in Milton.Old Milton is where a charming past becomes present. This area has Stunning historical century and war time homes bring out the true history of the town. Old Milton area is walking distance from the downtown area including parks, small boutique stores and several quaint restaurants and bistros.  The Town Hall and the main post office are also home to Old Milton Neighbourhood.  Also home to the famous farmer’s market, where every Saturday morning from May to October, Main Street Is turned into the place to be.  Here You can shop for local farmers’ fresh fruits and vegetables along with many other hidden treasures.  This picturesque community is charming, inviting and warm.  It is where residents go to relax enjoy the simple pleasures and easiness of life in Milton

Home Builders & Development:
Stunning Historical Century Homes
War-time Homes
Amenities & Perks:
Downtown Milton
Milton Fairgrounds
Historic Town Hall
Rotary Park
Small Charming Century Homes
Original Small Quaint HomesLarge Custom Restored Homes
Milton Fairgrounds
Chris Hadfield Park
Kingsleigh Park
Livingston Park
Rotary Park
Centennial Park (Mill Pond Gazebo)
Victoria Park
Wakefield Park
David Thompson Park
Brian Best Park
Sixteen Mile Creek Park – North
Sixteen Mile Creek Park – South
Hugh Foster Hall (community centre)
Schools located in this area:
Milton District High School (9-12)
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
J.M. Denyes Public School (JK-5)Schools that service this area:Bishop Reding Secondary School (9-12)


Old Milton Homes For Sale

Want  to have Old Milton Home For sale?

Being Residence in Milton has many benefits, including its scenic rural landscape, ample amenities, and easy access to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Milton is served by Highways 401 and 407, and Halton Road 25, and there is transit and passenger train service as well. Milton is close to several airports, including Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is about 20 minutes away.Old milton homes for sale is unique oppertunity for those who love to live in mature communities. Old milton homes for sale still are reasonable priced opposite to this hot market.Old milton homes consist of big lots with banglow, baksplit, 2story styles. Old milton homes for sale area closer to all the markets and amenities.

Over the last ten years, the population of Milton has grown substantially. Many new subdivisions have been developed to keep up with demand, so buyers will find a good selection of new homes in Milton to choose from. It’s also worth noting that Milton has one of the lowest property tax rates in the region, which makes it a great place to buy real estate.please fill up the form below and i will get you back shortly. Your privacy will matters to us.

Tips to buy a home with the help of an agent in spring

It seems home buyers consider spring time a good month for making an investment. This creates somewhat of a buyer’s market and most people end up competing for the same home in the frenzy. Spring does arrive at the same time in all cities. However, in Old Milton, Ontario, we will typically consider April – June to be those time of the year when the air feels and smells fresh. If you are looking for Old Milton homes for sale during the spring time, be prepared to compete with several other buyers for the home. If you think spring is a good time to buy, there are several others like you in the market who thinks so too. Since you haven’t decided to buy a home overnight, chances are you have planned the finances. There’s a lot of homework to do as to which home loan lender or mortgage lender you will proceed with to finance your home. Along with the interest rate, you must also factor in the time length of the mortgage. The more you can down pay, the lesser you pay in interest. Target at least 20% down payment. When you decided to look up Old Milton homes for sale, be prepared to factor in the area or locality. If you find other contenders, don’t sleep on it if the house is to your liking. Where is the home located? Is the home a foreclosure, a short sale? For a foreclosure, if your budget is below the homeowner’s amount due, he will have to bring in the balance amount to the bank.

When considering the home, keep these in mind –

1. Look for preapproval from a local lender – A local lender’s approval receives more preference. There may be other lenders from across the city, but don’t go for an online lender’s preapproval.

2. Old Milton homes for sale – if this location is your target area, look up the homes. Focus on the house in question. If you are working with an agent, things may turn out to be easier. Ask for reports of the house. What kind of repairs does the home need? Will the cost run into several thousand dollars? Will it still be worth buying after the total cost?

3. Hire the real estate agent from your area – he is the person who has information about the neighborhood. Whether it’s a foreclosure or otherwise, the agent can help you get a reduced price. He is more equipped with information about the real estate market that a first-time buyer may not know.

4. There are several prices for a home. The first is the home’s listed price. There is the owner’s idea of what it is worth and the last is the actual price in the market.

5. Offer the seller something. It need not be a price-related thing. It could be an extra day to move out or something that makes him favor the sale on your side.