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Tarbiyah Elementary School (TES) is a full-time Islamic school, located in Milton, Ontario. We are dedicated to nurturing our students with Islamic and innovative educational methods, while helping to mold them to be noble individuals spiritually, morally, and ethically, guiding them to academic excellence, and strong leadership abilities.

Established in 2013, Tarbiyah Elementary is the first Ontario Certified School in Milton. Our goal is to instill love for learning and for Islam, as a way of life. We believe Allaah Subhanuhu wa Ta’ala has created us with, and granted us wonderful faculties and capabilities and we need to utilize them to their maximum potential. It is our mission to bring out the best of these abilities in our students. Our staff and teachers are committed to help our students excel in their abilities in a loving, dynamic and fun way. We believe in it is our responsibility as Muslims to provide our youth with Islamic knowledge in order to help build our future Ummah.


89 Ontario, Street North
Milton, L9T 2T1, ON, Canada






Dorset Park Milton is a highly sought after area in Milton is most known for its quaint mature community feel. It Consist Of Large lots and natural canopies of trees frame each crescent and cul de sac.  Dorset park Milton has Two streets running through this neighbourhood, Dorset Park  Neighbourhood boasts a hide-away from all of the close amenities.  Residence of Dorset park Neighbourhood area appreciate the peace and quiet . Close to shopping, GO transit, HWYs,  fitness, leisure facilities and more.  Nestled among large trees and unique streetscapes with parks sprinkled throughout, this neighbourhood is a community within itself.
Dorset Park  Milton Area Development:
Late 1970s – Early 1980s
Amenities & Perks:
Catholic French Emersion School
Close proximity to HWYs
Close proximity to shopping
Close to GO Transit
Close to Milton Mall, Power Centre, GoodLife Fitness
Inviting courts and cul de sacs
Parks in Dorest Park Milton
Baldwin Park
Centre Park
Court Park
Fay Court Park
Kinsmen Park
Melanie Park
Schools located in this area:
Robert Baldwin Public School (JK-5)
Ecole Elementaire Catholique Saint-Nicolas (JK-8)
Schools servicing this area:
W.I. Dick Public School (6-8)
St. Peter’s Catholic School (JK-8)
Holy Rosary (JK-8)
Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School (9-12)



Dorset Park Milton Homes For Sale

Looking for home in Dorset park? Properties in Dorset Park real estate are surrounded by parks such as Thomson Memorial Park and offer proximity to schools as well as plenty of shops.


Scott Milton Neighbourhood

The area of Scott offers unobstructed views of the Niagara Escarpment, parks, ponds and acres of green space woven throughout; this master-planned community is in a world of its own and the closest neighbourhood to the Niagara Escarpment.  The adjoining land protected by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority guarantees a beautiful natural home environment – with acres of natural conservation area and open sky in your own backyard.  Located west of Downtown Milton bordered by Derry Road, Bronte Street, Tremaine Road and Main Street the area is surrounded by both commercial amenities and untouched nature.

Scott Milton Area Development:
2007 – 2013
Home Builders In Scott Milton Neighbourhood
Green Park Homes
Amenities & Perks:
Future Tremaine Road HWY 401 interchange extension
Close Downtown Milton
Shopping plaza
Bike Lanes
Views of the Escarpment
Future Laurier University Education Campus
Future Velodrome
Closest Community to Niagara Escarpment amenities (Glen Eden, Kelso Beach)
Home of prestigious Heathwood Homes community
Parks In Scott Milton:
Halloway Park
Scott Neighbourhood Park East
Scott Neighbourhood Park West
Savoline Park
McCready Park
Schools located in this area:
Escarpment View Public School (JK-8)
Queen of Heaven School (JK-8)
Schools servicing in Scott Milton Neighbourhood:
Milton District (9-12)
Jean Vanier Secondary (9-12)


Scott Milton Homes For Sale:

Are You Looking For a home in Scott Milton Area?

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Halton District School Board

Halton Catholic District School Board

  • Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School (9-12)
  • École Élémentaire St. Nicolas (École Francaise) {JK-6}
  • Guardian Angels Catholic School (JK-8)
  • Holy Rosary Catholic School (JK-8)
  • Lumen Christi Catholic School (JK-8)
  • Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School (JK-8)
  • Our Lady of Victory School (JK-8)
  • St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School (JK-8)
  • St. Peter Catholic School (JK-8)
  • Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School (9-12)
  • Queen of Heaven Catholic Elementary School (JK – 8)
  • St. Benedict’s Catholic Elementary School (JK – 8)

Private schools

  • The Montessori Country School (Casa)
  • Milton Christian School (JK-8)[27]
  • Keswick Sutherland School & Equestrian Center (JK-8)
  • Halton Waldorf School (JK-8)
  • Hitherfield School (PK-8)


Parks and recreation In Milton

Milton has many conservation parks, campgrounds and recreational areas. The conservation parks in the Milton area are owned by Conservation Halton, a conservation authority.

View from the Niagara Escarpment near Rattlesnake Point

What would an upward or lower price adjustment look like based on the current market CMA? Well, let’s look at an example. Let’s say that the CMA of previously and recently sold similar homes shows that the listing price should be around $235,000. However, those sales were between one month and three months old. Our current market listing CMA shows that similar homes in the neighborhood are listed at $249,000 or thereabouts. Me and you may decide that the market is improving and justifies raising the listing price of your home to $245,000 so that it’s still competitive but a better deal for you. Of course, this can work the other way as well.

A proper list price that reflects current and realistic market conditions is critical to getting your Milton real estate property sold quickly. I don’t want you to under–price, but it’s worse to over–price in any market. Buyers discount value by DOM, Days On Market. The longer a home stays on the market, the greater they’ll discount their offers. So, a realistic list price is how I make sure your property sells without languishing on the market.

How do I come up with a suggested list price that reflects your home’s competitive position? It’s a combination of services and experience, and I’m going to be very careful and detailed in my analysis and market evaluations to make sure that you don’t leave money on the table or sit around wondering why you aren’t getting offers.

My evaluation of how your property compares to the current competition is the first step. Then we may suggest some worthwhile corrections you can make to improve that position. Once I know what your home will look like when listed, I’ll go into our thorough CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, process.

CMA of Sold Properties
First I select comparable properties out of those sold recently and in the neighborhood or nearby. These “comparables” or “comps” are selected based on similarity in features, location and characteristics with your home. They must have been sold as recently as possible so the sold prices are of maximum value.

I then do a through “adjustment” process to adjust their sold prices for any differences with your property. If a home has one more bedroom than yours, I would adjust that property’s sold price downward for the value of one bedroom to make the comparison “apples to apples.” I make adjustments for garages, bathrooms and other major features to bring our comps to closely compare with your home. Then I use those sold prices to arrive at a preliminary listing price for your home.

I say “preliminary” because I have another CMA step.

CMA of Current Listings
Now I get more comps, but instead they’re properties currently listed and your competition. I go through the same adjustment process, and I come up with another, possibly higher or lower, price suggestion for your home. This second CMA gives me more up–to–date information about the market which could cause us to lower or raise our preliminary list price to adjust to the current market. Using the two CMA results and an experienced analysis of your home’s position in the marketplace, we can set a listing price that will get the job done.

Milton Real Estate:How Real Estate Agents Can Maximize The Showing Of Your Home

Most of the homeowners consider the matter of selling their homes as a very trivial matter that won’t take much time and effort. However, the reality is that when they actually start their effort to sell house or property, they come to know how much time-taking and tiresome the work is. Being independent for Milton real estate property sale is undoubtedly good thing. But it is always better to seek assistance from the professional agents especially when you are going to sell your property for the first time.

When you fall ill, you need to do to the doctor. When your computer doesn’t work properly, you need to take help of the computer technicians. And when it comes about selling your home, it is essential to maximize the number of showings to the potential customers. And in order to increase the number of showings, there is no better thing than to hire professional agents for Milton real estate for sale.

Check out these four reasons –

  1. Ensure the pricing is right

Whatever the quality of your home or what is there in your neighborhood – all these things are not supposed to be so vital as the pricing of your home. If your asking price does not fit to the price of the market standard, then you are probably going to lose a good number of potential home buyers. If you determine a high price for your home, you are likely to discourage the buyers. If you set the price just as per the market rate, chances are there that your buyers may entice to bargain and you may face a potential loss.

Rather the best thing is to leave the matter on your agents who can assess the price factoring the market trends, your neighboring desirability and the physical value of your home and above all, the investment you have already made on it. Start an open-minded discussion with your real estate agents. Of course, there are many emotions attached with the home you are staying and that’s why you may be blinded for assessing the true value. But an agent for Milton real estate for sale knows how to evaluate the real value that can sell your home in a price you are happy with.

  1. Connecting the Networks

When it comes to sell your home, choosing the right Milton real estate for sale company is essential as only the right person knows how to establish the useful network with the useful people to increase the number of showing for your house. For example, connecting to the right photographers to take the perfect snap of your home’s corner can be expected only from the professional real estate company. Moreover, only a professional real estate company can help you to reach out to the expert agents who can increase the number of showing to your potential customers.

  1. Showing off to the world

Milton real estate for sale professionals are well-acquainted about all the know-how of the best way to promote your home for sell following the best online marketing plans, organizing open houses and printing signage and flyers. An agent can host your open house and save your valuable time in the best possible way.