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Erin Mills Homes

Buying Guidelines
• If you have to resell soon Erin Mills Home, don’t buy an unusual house.
• Even if the quality of the school district doesn’t matter to your Erin Mills Home now, remember it might someday to another
• Brand new homes may be lower in maintenance costs but can be higher in out of pocket expenses.
• There are no perfect homes. Be ready to make compromises or concessions. Know what’s most important
to you and give on things that aren’t when choosing erin mills homes.
• Location, Location, Location. Some things don’t change.
• Supply and demand is a critical issue. Be ready to move quickly when your find what you want.
• Pay attention to floor plans. Changing layouts of rooms can be costly.
• Get preapproved for a mortgage prior to making an offer.
• Be an educated buyer. Learn as much as you can about the erin mills real estate listings market before you buy.
• Always make your offer to the seller contingent on a home inspection – it’s money well spent.
• Compare mortgages – artificially low rates could have hidden costs.
• When interest rates are low, go for a fixed mortgage.
• Redoing kitchens and baths can be expensive, check these out carefully.
• Imagine the home vacant. Do not be swayed by decorating – the furnishings will go with the seller.
• Vacant homes appear bigger than they are. It may be a good idea to measure to make sure your furnishings
will fit.
• Buy the best home you can afford in the best neighborhood you can afford. You are almost always better
off with the least expensive home in the area rather than the most expensive.
• Pay attention to the original listing date of the properties you look at: sellers tend to be more flexible the
longer the home has been on the market.
• Be honest and open with your agent when looking to buy a erin mills real estate listing or anyother home. He or she works for you and can best help you if they have a good
understanding of your needs.
• You’ll know the right home for you when you see it and it will have very little to do with logic- don’t ask
how that works- it just does

Erin Mills Real Estate

Erin Mills Homes For Sae| How to make An Offer

It’s Time to Make an Offer
Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and imagine how they may react to everything you’re about to put in your
offer on one of Erin Mills Homes for sale or any other home in Ontario. Oral promises are not legally enforceable when it comes to sale of real estate. Please be sure you havecommunicated
everything you want in the offer to your agent.

Erin Mills Homes For Sale | How To Choose Fair Price

Have your realtor do a comparative market analysis for you. It will show you the fair market value of the property.
The following factors could affect price.
• Condition of home
• New home improvements
• Market conditions
• Seller’s motivation
• Seller concessions – do you want them to pay closing costs? Expect to pay a little more

Earnest Money

You will need to put up some money to show the seller you are sincere about purchasing the home. Your agent
can give you guidelines on how much to offer.
Financing Contingency
You will probably need a mortgage. Even if you are preapproved the lender will still need time to get the appraisal
done, order title, etc. Your agent can advise you on how much time to allow for.
Home Inspection Of Erin Mills Homes For sale
Don’t skip this. It’s money well spent in the long run. If the home has major issues, you’ll want to know before
buying it, not when you’re stuck with it after closing.
Make sure you receive all proper seller disclosures. Federal law requires the seller to disclose all material
defects that they are aware of.
Multiple offers
It doesn’t have to be a ‘hot’ market for a seller to have the luxury of choosing between multiple offers. If you
find yourself in a multiple offer situation, don’t panic and don’t withdraw your offer – you could be the highest
bidder. Go through at least one round of negotiations before you decide to withdraw. Have a price in mind
of where you want to go and stay in the game until the price is reached. Many buyers lose the property by
pulling out too soon.