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Milton Real estate market trends gives you a real-time look at the Milton housing market. We’ve made real estate data like average house prices, housing inventory, and days on market easily accessible to you. This report analyzes sales history between December 06 – January 03 and measures it against the same period last year. On top of all these real estate statistics is a ranking of every city in the Greater Toronto area based on their home sold price, price growth, days on market, and turnover. With all this content, you’ll be empowered with both a detailed view of the local Milton housing market and a glimpse of the metro area as a whole. All this data is intended to give you a thorough understanding of both the local Milton and the Greater Toronto area, so that in the end, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision about where you’d like to live. As well, using other handy MLS stats like the MLS Home Price Index will give you more context on the housing market.

Numbers are based on firm contract dates, not when the transaction is reported or when the contract closes.

A contract is firm when both the home seller and buyer agree to the transaction, however this may not be reported in a timely fashion. Therefore, transaction reported dates are when the Realtor submits the sale to their local board. A contract is closed when the transaction actually occurs and the buyers move into the house. Normally, contracts close about 6-8 weeks after a contract is firm, which means the data you’re seeing is reported in real-time.

Data is reported in 4 or 8 week periods.

28 and 56 day periods are used because some months have more weekends than others. This ensures that each period has the same amount of days and weekends so that a like-for-like comparison can be made.

What does pro-rated data mean?

Based on historical reporting, it can take up to four weeks or more for transactions to be reported. This means that approximately 30% of home transactions that occured within this period have yet to be included in this report. Because of this, this period’s numbers are considered “pro-rated.”

Dorset Park Milton is a highly sought after area in Milton is most known for its quaint mature community feel. It Consist Of Large lots and natural canopies of trees frame each crescent and cul de sac.  Dorset park Milton has Two streets running through this neighbourhood, Dorset Park  Neighbourhood boasts a hide-away from all of the close amenities.  Residence of Dorset park Neighbourhood area appreciate the peace and quiet . Close to shopping, GO transit, HWYs,  fitness, leisure facilities and more.  Nestled among large trees and unique streetscapes with parks sprinkled throughout, this neighbourhood is a community within itself.
Dorset Park  Milton Area Development:
Late 1970s – Early 1980s
Amenities & Perks:
Catholic French Emersion School
Close proximity to HWYs
Close proximity to shopping
Close to GO Transit
Close to Milton Mall, Power Centre, GoodLife Fitness
Inviting courts and cul de sacs
Parks in Dorest Park Milton
Baldwin Park
Centre Park
Court Park
Fay Court Park
Kinsmen Park
Melanie Park
Schools located in this area:
Robert Baldwin Public School (JK-5)
Ecole Elementaire Catholique Saint-Nicolas (JK-8)
Schools servicing this area:
W.I. Dick Public School (6-8)
St. Peter’s Catholic School (JK-8)
Holy Rosary (JK-8)
Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School (9-12)



Dorset Park Milton Homes For Sale

Looking for home in Dorset park? Properties in Dorset Park real estate are surrounded by parks such as Thomson Memorial Park and offer proximity to schools as well as plenty of shops.


Recreational facilities | Townhomes For Sale In Churchill Meadows

Families who purchase townhomes for sale in Churchill Meadows are assured of an ideal place to live. The parents can select the school for their kids from a list of Public Schools and Catholic Schools. The public transport system in this place is very efficient. This neighborhood is well connected with GTA and other places in Mississauga. Streetsville GO connects Churchill Meadows with GTA. Apart from well designed parks, there are many play grounds, basket ball courts, skate boarding areas, soccer fields and baseball fields near the Townhomes For Sale In Churchill Meadows.


Affordablity | Townhomes For Sale In Churchill Meadows

In Churchill Meadows, homes that are under construction are very rare. Resale homes are abundantly available here. Hence most of the Churchill Meadows townhomes for sale are resale homes only. The current listing of townhomes that are for sale in Churchill Meadows is available on the Churchill Meadows real estate websites. The townhomes are of different shapes and sizes. The designs of these homes are highly sophisticated and the homes are with modern finishes. Another outstanding feature is the perfect blend of parks and residential areas. In Churchill Meadows, semi-detached townhomes for resale are available in plenty. For those who are buying homes for the first time, these townhomes are quite affordable. Churchill Meadows townhomes require less maintenance when compared to townhomes in other neighborhoods of Mississauga. Since the real estate in Churchill Meadow appreciates very fast, this is an ideal opportunity for investors to buy townhomes in this neighborhood.


#1 choice for young families | Townhomes For Sale Churchill Meadows

The Townhomes for sale in Churchill Meadows belong to a very young community that is being established in this upcoming neighborhood of Mississauga. Churchill Meadow is a high density town in west Mississauga. This town is bounded by Highway 403 to the south and Winston Churchill Road to the east. Churchill meadows was developed during last ten years and the homes here are not more than 12 years old. Hence most of the homes here are of stylish designs and are provided with modern amenities. The townhome for sale in Churchill Meadows include stacked townhomes and row townhomes.Townhomes for sale in Churchill Meadows has tremendous appeal and the ëGreení is still preserved here. There is a lot of green space here. In Churchill Meadows there are lot of modern restaurants as well as recreational facilities. The presence of the top 20 schools make this place ideal for young families to buy their homes and settle down.Townhomes for sale In Churchill meadows are ultra modern as well
as sophisticated.