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Lorne Park Mississauga Homes- First Choice to Live

Lorne Park more than a hundred years old neighbourhood. It consist of larg lots and parcells, you will see the mix oforiginal cottages, as well as builder developments from the 50’s to the 80’s. The newest and probably last home Renovation in Lorne Park is called Watercolours, and was built in the early 2000’s.

Lorne Park offers Multi choice areas and no matter what your style, you will find it here. The more affordable areas are located in the north near the highway and in the south near the train tracks. But if you want to live in Lorne Park Proper, where there is a true mix of old homes and new build estate homes, keep in mind it wont be cheap. Prepare to see prices from $899,000 to over $4.5 million.This Neighbourhood Scores 9/10.

Score Factors

House Characteristics

  • Generally come in 2 story, split level and ranch style
  • Mature, tree lined streets
  • These homes are in high demand because the price point is affordable in Lorne Park
  • Appeal to families and people looking to add their personal touch
  • Average Price range: 700,000 to over 1 million


  • Lorne Park Offers variety of homes, so there is no cookie-cutter feel here. As you drive from street to street you will see the vast diversity and character of homes.
  • It is mix of renovated and new build homes; the most popular styles being Craftsman and French Country Revival. There are many homes that make a grand statement.
  • If you looking for big lots with more space, Lorne Park delivers; the average lot is larger than other areas of the city, and the home lots tend to be wider than newer developments.
  • Curb appeal is king in Lorne Park, as the majority of homes are very well kept. The maturity of trees and sheer elegance of landscaping cannot be beat.


  • beside from the newest renovated homes as well as Watercolours, many of the homes in Lorne Park are older and need of cosmetic updating to bring them up to modern expectations. If you want move in ready with no cosmetic updating to do, you will definitely pay a premium.