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How The Mls Codes Work For Real Estate Listings

Knowing multiple listing service codes can save a lot of time chasing homes that you may not be interested in.
Many people are hesitant to view or make offers on homes that are already under contract or have multiple
offers because they do not want to be in a ‘biddingwar’. Being familiar with the codes can help narrow your list
based on these factors.
ACTV, NEW, RACT, PCHG, BOMK – active, new, reactivated, price change, and back on market codes
indicate the home is available for sale and likely does not have an contract. Most buyers focus on homes in these
TEMP – temporarily off the market. Sometimes used when showings are temporarily stopped. Sometimes this
code is a precursor to expiration or cancelation of the listing.
CTG – a home that is available but has a contract in force.
• A/I – attorney inspection period is 5 days.Deals can be sometimes be replaced with better ones in this time
• FIN – seller is waiting for buyer to obtain financing, harder to replace with new offer
• HS48, HS72, HC48, etc. HS (house to sell) and HC (house to close) allow the seller to find a new buyer,
but gives first buyer right to waive contingency
• Other- some other contingency needs to be satisfied prior to the home closing.
PEND – Pending sale. There are no contingencies for the sale of the home and the home is not available
for showings.
CLSD,EXP, CANC – closed, expired and canceled codes indicate the home is no longer for sale. Expired and
cancelled listings will sometimes be relisted.