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Tarbiyah Elementary School (TES) is a full-time Islamic school, located in Milton, Ontario. We are dedicated to nurturing our students with Islamic and innovative educational methods, while helping to mold them to be noble individuals spiritually, morally, and ethically, guiding them to academic excellence, and strong leadership abilities.

Established in 2013, Tarbiyah Elementary is the first Ontario Certified School in Milton. Our goal is to instill love for learning and for Islam, as a way of life. We believe Allaah Subhanuhu wa Ta’ala has created us with, and granted us wonderful faculties and capabilities and we need to utilize them to their maximum potential. It is our mission to bring out the best of these abilities in our students. Our staff and teachers are committed to help our students excel in their abilities in a loving, dynamic and fun way. We believe in it is our responsibility as Muslims to provide our youth with Islamic knowledge in order to help build our future Ummah.


89 Ontario, Street North
Milton, L9T 2T1, ON, Canada






Anne J. MacArthur PSAnne J. MacArthur PS

820 Farmstead Dr
Milton, L9T 8J6
Phone: 905-878-2076
Fax: 905-878-8223

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Anne J. MacArthur Public School Boundary Map

School Year
JK – 08
Number of Students
Principal: Katherine McArthur
Vice Principal: Melissa McKenzie | Cheryl Hayles
Senior Secretary: Jane VivianSuperintendent: Jacqueline Newton
Superintendent Executive Assistant: Susan ThrasherTrustee: Kim GravesSchool Council Co-Chair: Kim Prangley 
School Council Co-Chair: Allison Sitlani

Boyne Public School

1110 Farmstead Drive

Milton, ON, L9E 0B5

Absence Check: 1-877-409-6310

Phone: 905 864-9641

 The Name Of School

The Origin of Boyne

Boyne Public School is located in the Boyne Survey. Within the Boyne Survey there is also a hamlet named Boyne. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a hamlet is a noun meaning, “A small settlement, generally one smaller than a village, and strictly (in Britain) one without a church.”
Reprinted from the book Milton Streets with permission of the Milton Historical Society:
Boyne Survey (pg.17) – The Boyne Survey is named for Boyne, a small hamlet on the northsouth route that linked Milton to Bronte harbour. At one time it included a blacksmith, wagon shop, woollen mill, two churches and a school house. A post office was located there in 1862 and stages travelling between Milton and the port or rail station at Bronte stopped here. First settled in 1819, it is thought Edward McLernan was the first resident. John White, M.P. P was representing Halton in the Canada parliament and the name chosen by him is thought to reflect his Irish roots.
Boyne (pg.23) – This hamlet is named for the Boyne River, which rises from the Bog of Allen in County Kildare, Ireland, and empties into the Irish Sea. The area of Boyne was settled about 1819 by Irish immigrants. A frame school was built in 1835 on land donated by Peter Schraman. A Post Office was established in 1861. Boyne is located at what is now the intersection of Britannia Road and Regional Road 25.

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Boyne PS

Address1114 Woodward Ave, Milton, ON L9T 5P5

Phone(905) 875-1876


School Info

School Hours :

School Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the start and end time of the school day?

A. The school day begins at 8:40 am and dismissal is at 3:10 pm. There are two nutrition breaks during the school day.


Q. Will the grade six, seven and eight classes have rotary?

A. Yes, the grade six, seven and eight classes will have rotary for most of their subjects.


Q. What does the Balanced School Day look like?

A. The first class in the morning starts at 8:40 a.m.  There are two 50-minutes classes before the first nutrition/activity break from 10:20 until 11:00.  Students are in class again from 11:00 until 12:40 with a second nutrition/activity break from 12:40 until 1:30.  This 2nd break will be the only time that students are allowed to go home for “lunch”.  Students then return to class from 1:30 until 3:10 when the end of day bell rings.


Q.  What type of snack should I send in for the afternoon nutritional break? 

A.  In the morning, for a small fee, the school offers a milk to go with the food that children eat at first break.  This is a voluntary program. In the afternoon, students should have a drink from home along with their food.  Most children will want to divide their lunch into 2 portions, one for the morning break and one for the afternoon. Re-sealable containers will let your child eat as much as they want at each break.

Remember that our school is a nut-free zone, since we have several students with life-threatening nut allergies.


Q.  How many students will attend Chris Hadfield School? 

A. We have approximately 830 students enrolled currently.  The largest group of students will be our Primary children.


Q. Will my child be bussed to school?

A. Almost every child attending Chris Hadfield Public School is within walking distance.  The only children being bussed are students with special needs.  If you choose to drive your child to school, please use the “kiss and ride” drop-off, which will be clearly marked and separate from the bus area.

Q.  When is Picture Day? 

A. Watch for announcements on our website or messages through Synervoice.


Q.  What technology would my child be using at the school?

A.  The children will have access to a variety of technology. Intermediate students can also participate in the “Bring IT” program. 


Q.  What efforts will Chris Hadfield School make to be environmentally friendly?

A.  We are a Ontario Platinum Eco-School. All of our children will be encouraged to respect our community by not littering and by using recyclable containers to avoid creating garbage.  Our school will also be involved in a printer cartridge recycling program to reduce landfill and save oil. (It will also help generate money for our students!)  Also, our newsletter is available on this website, a paper copy of which will only go home by request.


Q.  Where can I park my car to drop off and pick up my child?

A.  “Kiss and Ride” areas will be clearly marked, separate from the bus drop-off areas.  Please do not park in the parking lot unless you are coming into the school to pick up or drop off your child, or spending time with us for meetings or to volunteer.  Also, please do not park in the bus lanes in front of the school, this is a “no parking” zone.


Q.  Where will crossing guards be located?

A:  There will be a crossing guard at the intersection of Main Street and Pearson Drive and also at the intersection of Woodward, Dixon and Matheson right at the school corner.

Chris Hadfield Public school Boundary

Chris Hadfield PS